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Relocation ... is a fact of American life.

All major studies conclude the same fact when it comes to "relocation". People move to where the jobs are. It's no secret that economic wherewithal is primary to providing for one's self and/or family. For many years, beginning in the early 1970's retirees began migrating primarily to Florida.

On the other hand, the bread winner is driven to bring home the money. As such, he/she moved to California, Arizona, Texas and many other places depending on where employment could be readily found (for the most part). That was then....

As the United States lost some of its industrial dominance, Midwestern states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Western Pennsylvania lost many manufacturing jobs. Many of those people relocated to Texas in the 1970's and 1980's where oil industry jobs were created. Concurrent with these moves, an equal number moved into California where people chased dreams. Some of those dreams panned out and more jobs and the need for more people (employees)were created. Additionally, people fled to New York City in hopes of securing everything from a seat on the New York Stock Exchange to opening up their own pizzeria.

In recent years, our company has actually been able to track relocation package requests. We know exactly where people want information from because they have reason to believe they are moving there. It would not be fair to compare the number of Rhode Island requests to Texas requests based on existing populations alone, but we have seen some major trends.

People are still leaving the Greater Northeastern United States. There choices have changed a bit however. A portion of what used to go to Florida is opting for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. There has also been a tremendous influx of relocations to Tennessee and some to Alabama from the Northeast.

Although jobs are essential in the relocation equation, things like weather, cost of living, and quality of life all figure into a portion of it. Beyond these factors are Military transfers and extended family proximity considerations. Often, we'll see a family of 4 leave there home area only to be reunited with Grandparents as the Grandparents follow their Grandchildren to their new city.

Another trend we've observed is California's change in relocation pattern: When the dot com revolution turned into a dot bomb, many companies and employees of those companies left Silicon Valley for San Diego County and Orange County just south of Los Angeles, CA. Naturally, some of these relocations stopped moving south when they hit Los Angeles County and began new roots there. We've also seen California lifetime residents and long term California home owners cash out on their real estate holdings and head off to Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ, Denver and Boulder CO, Boise and Coeur d' Alene, ID, Salt Lake City and Logan UT, Reno and Las Vegas, NV. Some have gone to Portland OR or Seattle WA and even Vancouver.

Texas has also been a big winner in relocations over the last 30 years and even more so in the last 10. It’s not really a surprise given its size, diverse nature of its economy, and the variety of each separate Metropolitan area (including suburbs) and the smaller city's scattered across the state. Houston has an incredibly metropolitan feel to it as well as a growing population. Dallas although much different than Houston is another big city with big opportunities and big economies that go with it. Its sister city, Fort Worth is definitely a city founded in the cattle ranchers. But, that fact alone has given rise to so many industries to support that. And, then in turn those industries must develop subsequent services and retail to make sure the American Dream is realized.


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